Bates Smart Director Kristen Whittle discusses their Dandenong Mental Health project, a facility has set a new global benchmark in mental health care.
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The Principal at HASSELL talks about what makes cities great, why Sydney now thinks it’s cool to move back to the CBD, and how to ensure architecture has soul.
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The Principal at HASSELL talks about his research-based approach to design and how urban density can still feel “generous.” 
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Woods Bagot's global transport leaders conducted a series of forums to address the growing demand for efficient transport networks and ways to design them to serve the needs of communities.
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“We can think of architecture and buildings as a space of stories. Stories of the people that live there, of the people that work in those buildings," says the 45-year-old German architect.
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Never before in modern history have we had an entire continent where there exists such a varied language in urban architecture.
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