"You are not free in architecture. It is not like art where you start from a white paper; you always start with a huge restriction and huge problems that seem to be never fixed," says the Antwerp-based architect.
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Once, skyscrapers were put to use only during a fraction of the calendar year—its lights dimmed after office hours, as well as during weekends and holidays. Nowadays, though, they are mini-communities that hum with activity all throughout the day and night.  
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"The premise that, no one knows their needs better than the users, is central to the philosophy behind our user-driven approach to interactive design," says the Malmö-based university lecturer in livability, urban design, and social sustainability.
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Utilising scholarly digital modeling research, the practice “mixes keen analysis and formal experimentation into uniquely responsive designs."
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The founder of BXBstudio was included in the Wallpaper* Architects Directory 2014, an index of the world's best young architectural talent.
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The two houses expressively pair modesty with intricacy. The arrangements foster discussion over architecture that shaped the aesthetic perception in Poland for generations. 
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