Millennials are a mobile generation who demand flexibility, openness, and collaboration and "have no qualms about being digital nomads."
BY Mindy Teo | Jul 11, 2017 | Interior | 0 COMMENTS
A visit to the newly restored Chicago Athletic Association Hotel reinforces the blurring of the lines between hospitality, entertainment, retail, and health/fitness.
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What are the design trends in hospitality—and why are these trends now utterly relevant to our workplace settings today?
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The final installment of CBRE's four-part occupier series reveals the priorities, strategies, and outlook of more than 350 senior corporate real estate executives worldwide.
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As part of its Research Program, Gensler recently surveyed over 11,200 office workers in four continents to understand what's next in workplace strategy and design.
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Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison were among history's most famous nappers. Should nap rooms in the workplace become the norm?
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