For Part 2 of our “Spaces of Play” series, we spoke with George Vellonakis of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Vellonakis was behind the 2007 redesign of Washington Square Park in New York City, and today serves as both Washington Square Park Administrator and Executive Director of the Washington Square Park Conservancy.
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"In a lot of design initiatives, kids become an afterthought," laments KaBOOM! CEO James Siegal, so he's getting input straight from the youngsters.
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You can build very tall buildings, New York regulators said, but on the condition that you also provide space for public use. What went wrong?
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Are green roofs the optimal infrastructure solution to seemingly unprecedented flooding?
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Urban designers have a significant role to play in lowering the rate of mental illness.
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Public art in cities connects people by encouraging an "exchange of ideas, or a shared experience, no matter how momentary."
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