In this two-hour discussion (video included), famed urban planners Jan Gehl, Richard Rogers, and Jerome Frost how examine how past experience can improve our cities.
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“We are not theoreticians; we are practitioners in the field of architecture, and we need the real world to drive our architectural investigation and our research,” says the Stirling Prize winner.
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Carl-Johan is the CEO of Million Homes Developers Ltd., which has developed three new neighbourhoods in Zambia, one of which was the first new town built in Zambia since Independence in 1964.
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Globally, future urban planning efforts will focus on transforming underutilized spaces to enable denser urban living.
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Now famously known as a must-see waterfront location, Islands Brygge once was a military, industrial, and residential space until its redevelopment in 2003.
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Interesting takeaways from an event Neometro held in Melbourne about placemaking. Download Neometro’s white paper on High-Density Happiness.
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