About Us


The world is now one big village, and it has always frustrated me that few publications explore—with a global focus—all four major built-environment disciplines: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes, and Urban Planning.

Although each discipline is distinct in terms of having its own programme, they all work towards one goal: better conditions for all things living.

Inspiration can arrive from many sources, and we seek to bring the four disciplines together in one platform as a networking tool and as a cross-pollination of ideas completely relevant to the built environment.

Cardigan Row promotes inspirational projects, theories and ideas from leading architects and built environment specialists from across the globe.

By collaborating with authoritative specialists to provide the latest research findings, and building the biggest audience, we aim to be the most influential resource in architecture and the built environment.

Who and What We Are
     1) We are an Australian-based and online built-environment resource.
     2) We focus on content that seeks to holistically analyse and understand the selected typology.
     3) We believe that knowledge sharing is vital to the amelioration of the built environment.
     4) We aim to inspire designers to continually question how, and learn and campaign to
         improve, global living conditions.

Our DNA is the foundation and guide that gives us focus and influences our perspective.

We believe in:
     1) Collaboration
     2) Positivity
     3) Thought Leadership
     4) Anomaly Analysis
     5) Ideas Exchange
     6) Innovation
     7) Knowledge Sharing

You can share with us your cutting-edge vision of a more meaningful way to live via design by reaching out to us at http://cardiganrow.com/contact.

We fully understand that time is often difficult to find, so we can work closely with you to identify topics of interest and get your contributions published as swiftly as possible. Our talented editors will walk with you every step of the way.

Let us build the Cardigan Row community together!


Steve Napier
Founder and Editor in Chief