"The facade is operated by sun-tracking software that controls the opening and closing sequence according to the sun’s position." 
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Baby Boomers don’t consider themselves as “old”, they have massive buying power, and they “don’t view aging as a time of physical decline.” Gensler finds out how this demographic is rapidly changing redefining aged care.
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Design is different today because the world is changing faster than ever, making design research the key to delivering innovative, experience enhancing projects.
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Designed in 1962 by Jorn Utzon, best known for his world-famous design of the Sydney Opera House, it is understandably one of the most admired residences of our age.
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Along the banks of the River Ouse in East Sussex sits a much-acclaimed house designed by architect Sandy Rendel.
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Transformational digital technologies and housing-price pressures are changing living habits, leading to corporatised co-living spaces.
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